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Wildlife Wednesday 30th March 2022

The other day I posted a blog welcoming the arrival of BST or British Summer Time . Today it feels like someone rewound the clock whilst I was sleeping last night . Summer time , your having a laugh. It’s cold here at the hide , darn cold and all the winter clothes are back out including gloves and woolly hat.

Still a cold day watching wildlife is certainly a lot better than any day cooped up in an office so there are no complaints from me. And speaking of the office , today marks three month’s since retirement from my old day job. And so far absolutely no regrets ( I must admit however I do miss pay day ! ) 

Anyway enough about me , myself and I . Back to the wildlife. The cold weather certainly seems to have dampened the activity . Still a good number of feathered and furry creatures on show but it has been noticeable quieter here .

Still no sign of the elusive Fox but the mammals are still out and about with Rabbit , Hare , Bank vole and Grey Squirrels all making appearances. The vole has been particularly busy scampering around the log pile next to the paddling pool.

Birds , well all the usual gang here . Robins , Chaffinch , Great tit , Long tailed tit and Blue tits all here in good numbers. The Great spotted woodpecker has been around most of the morning feeding on the various posts and dead tree trunks here in the meadow. And we have also watched Blackbirds , Dunnocks   And Pheasant mopping up the spilt seeds from the feeders.

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