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Here in the U.K. it is now the start of BST or British Summer Time , confusingly not the start of summer ( that doesn’t officially start until June ) but the time of year where time literally moves forward one hour . The result is that the sun now sets an hour later than it used . So on the first night of BST  I accompanied my wife Anne as we headed to the hide to make the most of the extra hour of daylight.

And almost straight away we were rewarded with the sight of a lone Reeves Muntjac meandering across the meadow. It was totally obviously to us and we spent probably a good half hour watching it feed before it disappeared through the hedgerow.

The Muntjac wasn’t the only mammal on show. Rabbits , Hare , Squirrel and Bank vole where all out and about enjoying the extra hour of daylight. Despite keeping a keen eye on the area where there has been activity with the old fox den unfortunately there was no sight of the Fox. 

The bird life was dominated by the bathing Long tailed tits. We had a Buzzard flying around and surprisingly most of the small woodland birds were also out in good numbers.

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