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Schedule 1 , What you need to know.

Most of our Meet the Model series feature references to the Wildlife and countryside act 1981 , an act of Parliament which offers wildlife some degree of protection . In addition to this law some species of birds are additionally protected by Schedule 1 protection. This has the potential to effect unaware wildlife photographers looking to capture images of our most iconic birds such as the Kingfisher , Woodlark and Barn Owl. Now nesting season is starting to gather pace, as photographers we might not be aware of Schedule 1 , but ignorance is no defence and the punishment for disturbing a Schedule 1 bird at, in, on or near the nest is a fine of up to £5,000 and/or a prison sentence of up to 6 months.

Most wild birds are also protected by the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 , which aims to protect wildlife by making it illegal to kill , injure or capture any wild bird. It also covers the damage or destruction of the nest of any wild bird while that nest is in use or being built. as well as taking or destroying of the eggs. Schedule 1 provides further protection against any disturbance whilst nesting or rearing their young. This includes the use of drones , the use of bait and acoustic lures. Very often it can also just be our close proximity alone that can be the problem.

So if you think you have nesting birds in the area you want to take pictures , what should you do ? One option may be to obtain a Schedule 1 license to film wild birds. Ethically this still causes problems . As responsible wildlife photographers surly it is better to leave nesting birds in peace ? If you don’t need to disturb the birds then you don’t need a license. However, the problem here is that you can’t predict if you are going to disturb them or not, even if you take precautions. It may be better to use an established hide or if this is not possible keep away from areas with nest sites.

Which Birds are Protected?

AvocetRecurvirostra avosetta
Bee-eaterMerops apiaster
BitternBotaurus stellaris
Bittern, LittleIxobrychus minutus
BluethroatLuscinia svecica
BramblingFringilla montifringilla
Bunting, CirlEmberiza cirlus
Bunting, LaplandCalcarius lapponicus
Bunting, SnowPlectrophenax nivalis
Buzzard, HoneyPernis apivorus
ChoughPyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax
CorncrakeCrex crex
Crake, SpottedPorzana porzana
Crossbills (all species)Loxia
Curlew, StoneBurhinus oedicnemus
Divers (all species)Gavia
DotterelCharadrius morinellus
Duck, Long-tailedClangula hyemalis
Eagle, GoldenAquila chrysaetos
Eagle, White-tailedHaliaetus albicilla
Falcon, GyrFalco rusticolus
FieldfareTurdus pilaris
FirecrestRegulus ignicapillus
GarganeyAnas querquedula
Godwit, Black-tailedLimosa limosa
GoshawkAccipiter gentilis
Grebe, Black-neckedPodiceps nigricollis
Grebe, SlavonianPodiceps auritus
GreenshankTringa nebularia
Gull, LittleLarus minutus
Gull, MediterraneanLarus melanocephalus
Harriers (all species)Circus
Heron, PurpleArdea purpurea
HobbyFalco subbuteo
HoopoeUpupa epops
KingfisherAlcedo atthis
Kite, RedMilvus milvus
MerlinFalco columbarius
Oriole, GoldenOriolus oriolus
OspreyPandion haliaetus
Owl, BarnTyto alba
Owl, SnowyNyctea scandiaca
PeregrineFalco peregrinus
Petrel, Leach’sOceanodroma leucorhoa
Phalarope, Red-neckedPhalaropus lobatus
Plover, KentishCharadrius alexandrinus
Plover, Little RingedCharadrius dubius
Quail, CommonCoturnix coturnix
Redstart, BlackPhoenicurus ochruros
RedwingTurdus iliacus
Rosefinch, ScarletCarpodacus erythrinus
RuffPhilomachus pugnax
Sandpiper, GreenTringa ochropus
Sandpiper, PurpleCalidris maritima
Sandpiper, WoodTringa glareola
ScaupAythya marila
Scoter, CommonMelanitta nigra
Scoter, VelvetMelanitta fusca
SerinSerinus serinus
ShorelarkEremophila alpestris
Shrike, Red-backedLanius collurio
SpoonbillPlatalea leucorodia
Stilt, Black-wingedHimantopus himantopus
Stint, Temminck’sCalidris temminckii
Swan, Bewick’sCygnus bewickii
Swan, WhooperCygnus cygnus
Tern, BlackChlidonias niger
Tern, LittleSterna albifrons
Tern, RoseateSterna dougallii
Tit, BeardedPanurus biarmicus
Tit, CrestedParus cristatus
Treecreeper, Short-toedCerthia brachydactyla
Warbler, Cetti’sCettia cetti
Warbler, DartfordSylvia undata
Warbler, MarshAcrocephalus palustris
Warbler, Savi’sLocustella luscinioides
WhimbrelNumenius phaeopus
WoodlarkLullula arborea
WryneckJynx torquilla

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