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Here is a confession . If you have read my profile here you might remember that i describe myself as a technically challenged wildlife photographer, a claim i still maintain. My online presence consists of , Facebook and Twitter. Well there is a new addition to the wild family , Flickr.

Now I should say my flicker account isn’t strictly new , apparently I have had an account since last year . As with most new technical things I struggle with the concept and as a result at the beginnings of this year I had a grand total of 23 followers.

So it got me thinking about what we all do with our back catalogue of images . Where do we keep them and what’s the best way to display the images……

So I have a question ( actually I need help ! )

Where do you store you image library and once stored what do you do with the images. Please use the message facility to let me know. 

Thank you

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  1. We use Amazon Photos to store all pictures and storage is unlimited provided that you are a Prime member. We also have external hard drive where we store our favorite shots in RAW format.


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