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Monday at the hide , 7th March 2022

“The presence of a single bird can change everything for one who appreciates them.”

Monday , the beginning of a new week and for me another trip to the meadow hide . We have a few new perches set up for our feathered friends to use , I guess in an attempt to change the background of the images . Mind you it doesn’t mean any of our residents will use them , they are really suspicious of anything new. Today is also a momentous moment for myself and my wife Anne , with life slowly and carefully getting back to some sort of normality we have booked our first foreign trip in nearly three years. Four weeks in the glorious Canadian Rockies, watch out Banff here we come !

Anyway back to basics and let’s have a look at today’s visitors here at the meadow. Avoiding all the new perches in no particular order we have the Great tit and Blue tit , Chaffinch , Long tailed tits who seem to have discovered the paddling pool , Dunnock , Wren , Pheasant and Blackbird. 

Then there’s the Chaffinch , Great spotted Woodpecker, Jay and a rare visitor here the Redwing. And of course keeping everyone in line our resident enforcer , the Robin . The mammals , well only two a single Grey Squirrel and our returning Brown Rats.

Don’t forget , if you have any young budding birders, naturalists or wildlife photographers have a look at the Guardian newspapers appeal for young wildlife writers . Click here for the link.


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