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New Restaurant – Boulder & Stump

Our new wildlife restaurant the Boulder & Stump has officially opened. The new eatery and place to be seen ( and hopefully photographed ) takes pride of place in the centre of the garden in what was just an empty patch of ground measuring 2m x 1m between the apple and plum trees.

It has been in the pipe line for some time. The apple tree is one of the main wildlife focal points of the garden and contains various feeding points but there hasn’t been a lot of effort spent trying to attract the ground feeding bird species, until now.

Our first customer

The new facility features new large logs , a tree stump , rocks and a small pool of water . We have planted a mixture of native ferns and shrubs which over time will provide cover for visiting guests. The menu includes Suet Balls , mixed seeds , nuts and dried fruit. Unfortunately due to the age of our customers the only drink available at the moment is water.

We had a soft launch day on Sunday ( there is still a little bit of building works ) and so far the new decor and menu seems to be a hit , especially with the Blackbirds , Blue tits and Squirrel.


  • Open all day
  • No reservation required
  • Vegetarian menu available
  • Chicks & cubs welcome

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