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Monday at the hide , 7th February 2022

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

-Frank Lloyd Wright.

It’s Monday and I have a special pass today , all household duties done so the only place to be is the Meadow Hide. It’s not the best of conditions for photography today , the lights very flat but there’s no doubt in my mind a bad days photography is still 100% better than a great day in the office. And you don’t get a better greeting than two mad hares running straight at you ! ( sorry the camera was still in the bag )

Anyway there has been a large amount of activity and as usual the paddling pool has been the centre of the action. All our usual gang here , and the most active , the Blue tits and Great tits. The water maybe small in stature but it’s a real magnet for the small woodland birds here. One of the less frequent visitors to the meadow is the Goldfinch. It’s a very striking bird with spectacular plumage, and always a delightful addition.


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The Mole , Talpa euopaea Moles are a regular visitor at the Meadow Hide , we have never seen one which is normal but the evident there , with their distinctive mole hills periodically appearing in the grass path to the hide. The mole is a small mammal that spends most of it’s life underground…


Slow worm , Anguis fragilis With long, smooth, shiny, grey or brown bodies, slow worms look very similar to a small snakes and can grow up to 50cm long. In fact the Slow worm is a legless lizard , and are quite harmless to humans. Slow worms like humid conditions and emerge from their hiding…


The Reeves Muntjac (   Muntiacus reevesi )  is a small stocky deer , with a distinctive haunched appearance , with a rusty brown coat which turns  a dull shade of grey in winter. The Muntjac was named in 1812 after John Reeves of the East India Company. This non native species originated in south east Asia and was introduced to…

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