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Monday at the hide , 7th February 2022

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

-Frank Lloyd Wright.

It’s Monday and I have a special pass today , all household duties done so the only place to be is the Meadow Hide. It’s not the best of conditions for photography today , the lights very flat but there’s no doubt in my mind a bad days photography is still 100% better than a great day in the office. And you don’t get a better greeting than two mad hares running straight at you ! ( sorry the camera was still in the bag )

Anyway there has been a large amount of activity and as usual the paddling pool has been the centre of the action. All our usual gang here , and the most active , the Blue tits and Great tits. The water maybe small in stature but it’s a real magnet for the small woodland birds here. One of the less frequent visitors to the meadow is the Goldfinch. It’s a very striking bird with spectacular plumage, and always a delightful addition.


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Meet the Model – Bobby the Blue Tit

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