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Wildlife at the meadow , Thursday 3rd February 2022

“Everyone likes birds. What wild creature is more accessible to our eyes and ears, as close to us and everyone in the world, as universal as a bird?”     Sir David Attenborough

Another bonus day here at the wildflower meadow hide and the centre of attention is once again the paddling pool. Small in stature it might be at only one metre square , but in terms of attracting wildlife it’s stands out on its own here at the meadow. And one of the most frequent visitors today has been the Blue tit.

The Blue Tit is around 12 cm long with a wingspan of 18 cm and weighs between 11- 20 g . With a blue crown and dark line passing through the eye, with white cheeks to the chin. The forehead and a bar on the wing are white. The nape, wings and tail are blue and the back is yellowish green. The underparts is mostly yellow with a dark line down the abdomen. Both male and female adult birds have a similar appearance.


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The Mole , Talpa euopaea Moles are a regular visitor at the Meadow Hide , we have never seen one which is normal but the evident there , with their distinctive mole hills periodically appearing in the grass path to the hide. The mole is a small mammal that spends most of it’s life underground…


Slow worm , Anguis fragilis With long, smooth, shiny, grey or brown bodies, slow worms look very similar to a small snakes and can grow up to 50cm long. In fact the Slow worm is a legless lizard , and are quite harmless to humans. Slow worms like humid conditions and emerge from their hiding…


The Reeves Muntjac (   Muntiacus reevesi )  is a small stocky deer , with a distinctive haunched appearance , with a rusty brown coat which turns  a dull shade of grey in winter. The Muntjac was named in 1812 after John Reeves of the East India Company. This non native species originated in south east Asia and was introduced to…

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