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Weekend Wildlife Saturday 29th January 2022

The presence of a single bird can change everything for one who appreciates them.”  Julie Zickefoose

Not just any weekend , today is the 22nd anniversary of my first date with my wife Anne. Our first date was a date at the Red Teapot cafe , which sadly is no longer here , so where on earth could I take Anne on this special day , a fancy restaurant , overnight at a posh hotel. Or how about a picnic at a lovely bird hide , surrounded by wildlife ?

So off we go to the hide , I think this was Anne’s first trip to the hide this year and with a picnic hamper of ham sandwiches , cake and hot chocolate what more could she want for ? How about some wildlife.

As always there was plenty of small woodland birds , Blue tits , Great tits , Long tailed tits , Chaffinch , Robin , Blackbird and Wren.

The Red kites where once again out in good numbers , a fly past by the resident Kestrel and the first visit this year to the meadow by a Gold crest . The visitor list continues with Redwing , Crow , Wood pigeon , Pheasant , Magpie and Grey Squirrel. Considering the weather , not a bad tally of sightings.


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