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“ you can’t do big things if you’re distracted by little things “

Don’t worry , this is still a blog about wildlife and photography , but another day here confined to home by the weather and my reluctance to get wet. Sooner than later I will have to  bite the bullet and venture out but not today.

Anyway it’s given me a little spare time to carry out research for a couple of future blogs , or it would have had I not been distracted by the wildlife in the garden and in particular one Grey Squirrel we have named “ one nut “ 

You see One Nut has a really impatient nature . When he wants nuts he will sit at the patio door and knock. Love or hate the grey squirrel ( and I know they decide opinions ) they can be entertaining to watch . So there you go , focus lost or in footballing terms , blog 0 squirrel 1


David Attenborough explores our British woodland, grassland, freshwater and ocean habitats, revealing the surprising and dramatic wildlife that exists right on our doorstep. This is Sir David Attenborough first series entirely focused on the landscape and wildlife of the British Isles. Episode 3 of 5 , “ grasslands “ the third episode in the series…


Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus Most people think of the harvest mouse as the tiny red-brown animalclinging to a ripe ear of wheat, however you are just as likely to findthe mouse in a reed bed or clump of cocksfoot grass in an arable fieldmargin. The harvest mouse is the smallest rodent in Great Britain ,…


Garden Wildlife , waiting your turn It’s been a long time since my last garden wildlife post . There is still a lot of activity , mainly at night time with Foxes and Hedgehogs coming and going. We have a couple of resident Hedgehogs and here’s a short clip of the pair waiting in turn…

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