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“ you can’t do big things if you’re distracted by little things “

Don’t worry , this is still a blog about wildlife and photography , but another day here confined to home by the weather and my reluctance to get wet. Sooner than later I will have to  bite the bullet and venture out but not today.

Anyway it’s given me a little spare time to carry out research for a couple of future blogs , or it would have had I not been distracted by the wildlife in the garden and in particular one Grey Squirrel we have named “ one nut “ 

You see One Nut has a really impatient nature . When he wants nuts he will sit at the patio door and knock. Love or hate the grey squirrel ( and I know they decide opinions ) they can be entertaining to watch . So there you go , focus lost or in footballing terms , blog 0 squirrel 1


One of the highlights from our first year at the meadow hide has been watching the Great Spotted Woodpeckers come and go and raise their young.


Who doesn’t love a Robin ? Want to get to know the robin a little better ? click here


“Regarding the creative: never assume you’re the master, only the student. Your audience will determine if you’re masterful.” ― Don Roff The one question I’m often asked is what’s you top tip for wildlife photography ? For me personally it’s a difficult question to answer, probably because I don’t think of myself as a wildlife photographer. In […]

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