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“ you can’t do big things if you’re distracted by little things “

Don’t worry , this is still a blog about wildlife and photography , but another day here confined to home by the weather and my reluctance to get wet. Sooner than later I will have to  bite the bullet and venture out but not today.

Anyway it’s given me a little spare time to carry out research for a couple of future blogs , or it would have had I not been distracted by the wildlife in the garden and in particular one Grey Squirrel we have named “ one nut “ 

You see One Nut has a really impatient nature . When he wants nuts he will sit at the patio door and knock. Love or hate the grey squirrel ( and I know they decide opinions ) they can be entertaining to watch . So there you go , focus lost or in footballing terms , blog 0 squirrel 1


Monday at the Meadow ~ Be Prepared  As my good friend Bob always say’s, be prepared . You will never know when that one in a million shot will happen , so have you’re camera ready. Well the opportunity happened this morning and yes , I missed it.  I had just arrived at the Hide […]


Who’s afraid of the big bad fox , certainly not this little hedgehog……


New Kids on the Block We have new residents in our garden. Today we have released three young rescued Hedgehogs on behalf of Oak and Furrows rescue charity. It’s a welcome boast to the already healthy local hedgehog community. Here is a short video showing two of the new arrivals enjoying a free meal…..

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