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I have not talked about our garden wildlife much recently . Most of our attention has been focused on the wildflower meadow , hide and our work releasing foxes , once again at the wildflower meadow. However our garden continues to be a haven for wildlife.

During daytime the garden is dominated by our visiting Grey Squirrels , always on the hunt for nuts which they then hide in our lawn . After a busy day the lawn sometimes looks like a scale model of a first world war battle field , full of pot holes . They now take turns to come and tap of patio doors , becoming more and more demanding if the supply of nuts is in anyway cut short. Then there’s the birds. Slightly less demanding and happy with the bird and nut feeders.

However , it’s at night when the garden comes to life with two of my favourite mammals, the iconic and endangered Hedgehog and the sly old Fox. We think we now have three or four resident hedgehogs , with maybe another two just visiting for food. Its the same with the fox , at least three or four visit every night , attracted by the abundance of food on offer. Given a chance the fox would eat every piece of food left out , including the hedgehog food , so thats left in a box, however it doesn’t always work out……

a fox in the box
a cat in the box
at last , a hog in a box

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Here is a fantastic little video about Andrew Budziak who spends his nights photographing the animals of Toronto, Canada. Taking hundreds of hours to capture one photo, his work requires a tonne of persistence. see the video here


This must be a new fox , he seems totally confused and a little unsure. What is this strange automated brush thing ?


Nature News 1st December 2021 Wood wide web A science mission is set to explore one of the final frontiers of untapped knowledge on the planet – the fungal networks in the soil beneath us. Fungi form an underground network of connections with plant roots, helping to recycle nutrients and to lock up planet-warming CO2 […]

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