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Wildlife Wednesday 

From the Meadow Hide, Wednesday 22nd September 

It’s another Wednesday at a rather misty Meadow Hide, and this time I’m flying solo. The first thing I noticed is the large number of spiders webs covering pretty much  most the whole of the meadow , all glistening with early morning dew. There must be thousands of individual spiders in the meadow , it’s definitely an area where I  need to expand my limited knowledge and understanding. 

Peggy the one legged female Chaffinch is back at the paddling pool. We have been following Peggy all summer , she has successfully reared offspring this year and apart from missing a leg she looks in great condition and she’s a great example of just how adaptable and resilient wildlife can be if given a chance . We also have a Great tit with a large open wound on his face that looks badly infected. He is still feeding but it doesn’t look good.

Peggy teone legged chaffinch

The meadow has a new mystery visitor, the Meadow Hide Monster. So far I have only managed to glimpse the new visitor and I only have a couple of poor images. It looks like a weasel , but larger. So it could possibly be a Stoat.  There have been only a couple of rats at the paddling pool , and no sign of the bank voles and i think our mysterious new visitor maybe the reason why ?

The meadow isn’t just all about sight , sounds play an important role for me. Depending on which way the wind is blowing , the distant A road can either be just a background noise , or sometimes no noise at all. The one constant noise at the meadow is the birds. From the smallest of the song birds singing away to the screeching of the Red kites. The constant calling of distant Pheasants to the annoying hoots of our resident Tawny Owl ( it’s only annoying because we very don’t get to see him that often , but he’s always here and calling ) And the constant clumsy flapping of numerous Wood Pigeons.

Guest list 

Birds                 Great tit , Blue tit , Marsh tit , Robin , Dunnock , Chiffchaff , Chaffinch , Wren , Blackbird , Song thrush , Pigeon , Crow , Pheasant 

Birds of prey    Kestrel , Red Kite

Mammals         Weasel , Squirrel, Brown Rat , Meadow Hide Monster 


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