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Weekend Wildlife Saturday 24 July from the Meadow Hide

A young Robin , demanding to be feed

Welcome to another Weekend Wildlife , today I’m joined in the hide by my wife Anne. It’s been hot , hot , hot this past week here in North Wiltshire with temperatures well above 30 every day so today’s rather cool temperature is a pleasant surprise. The cooler weather has also been accompanied by bursts of light rain .

We have a new arrival at the meadow . I’m not totally sure exactly what it is , but it’s either a short tailed vole or Bank vole . My money is on the latter which is more common in this area. Also nice to see our new neighbour the Rabbit . I need to have words with Mr Rabbit. His entrance hole is getting bigger by the day !

And the winner is Rocky Robin

Today has definitely been Fledgling Day , with both the Robins and Chaffinches struggling to keep up with their demanding offspring. This has resulted a in a few heated confrontations at the various feeders around the hide.

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Mammals – Rabbit , Bank Vole

Birds – Blue tit , Great tit , Chaffinch , Robin , Dunnock , Blackcap , Blackbird , Pigeon , Greater spotted woodpecker , Wren , Chaffinch , Song thrush

Birds of prey – None

Others – Large white butterfly , Meadow brown butterfly


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