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Wildlife Wednesday   14-7-2021

By Peter Hanscomb

At last summer has returned to the British isles, so it’s time for another solo trip to the Meadow Hide. The hide has now settled into the landscape and from the meadow entrance it has now almost completely disappeared, surrounded by a carpet of wildflowers and grass to the north , and a mature mixed hedgerow and trees to the south.


It’s been a quiet day for mammals and birds , yet again no sign of the “ rat pack “ , squirrels or any other mammal. The new rabbit hole next to the hide has grown in size with fresh soil by the entrance but no sign of the new tenants. All the usual birds are on duty , including the Woodpeckers and Peggy the one legged Chaffinch. However when it comes to our insect friends the meadow is bursting with spiders , butterfly’s , hoverflys , bees and all manor of insects. I have to admit that my knowledge of the insect world isn’t fantastic. But it’s definitely an area where I want to improve my understanding, and owning a wildflower meadow gives me the ideal place to learn.

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Mammals – None

Birds – Blue tit , Great tit , Chaffinch , Robin , Chiffchaff , Dunnock , Blackcap , Blackbird , Pigeon , Crow , Jackdaw , Wren , Spotted flycatcher

Birds of prey – Kestrel , Buzzard , Red kite

Others – Tree bumblebee , Red admiral butterfly , Spotted wood butterfly , Meadow brown butterfly , Ringlet butterfly , Marbled white butterfly ,Large white butterfly , Hoverfly , Common Red solder beetle

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