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Weekend Wildlife from the Meadow Hide

It’s hard to believe that today is the 15th May, my Dad’s birthday and FA Cup final day. It’s also another chance to visit the Meadow Hide and this time I’m flying solo. The hide is a really good space to unwind , relax and watch wildlife in a peaceful location.

It has been a quiet day , lots of regular visitors seem to have taken the day off, however the woodpecker has been hanging around all day , feasting on the nut feeders in between the short but heavy showers of rain. The St Marks flies are also here in large numbers , yet again none have entered the hide. ( and I’m not complaining ! )

The great tits are trying their best to impersonate the woodpecker on the nut feeder , somehow it’s not quite the same . And the rats are out in force , splashing around in the paddling pool and stealing the fat balls.

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