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The Fox has always been a special animal for me . It was Flo the fox who first sparked my interest in wildlife photography and her portrait is still to this day one of my favorite photographs . 

Over the years I have been privileged to have many foxes visit our garden. Most just pass through , but a few have touched my life a little deeper. for example Peanuts a young vixen would often come and sit with me on my drive, she was a real special fox. 

Then there was GG the mange suffering fox , we tried for a whole month to capture him , succeeding in the end only for him to pass away during treatment. Most recently there was Bob and Smelly fox , again both suffering from mange . This time the outcome was totally different from GG. Both successfully treated and released back into the wild.   

The missing link  in the story is Watching cubs in the wild , until now. We have two new holes in the boundary bank at the meadow hide. Around the holes are feathers and remains of various birds. Time for my good friend Graham to set a trail camera , and the good news is we have two little fox cubs. here’s a short video.

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