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Wildlife Wednesday 21-4-2021

Another wildlife Wednesday from the meadow hide , and a full day from 8am to 6pm , the morning flying solo and in the afternoon with my wife Anne. All the usual suspects here today , including a fine display of abstract running by a couple of Hares.

Star of the show again today was the Brown Rat. Back and forth down ratty alley to the paddling pool. The way the vegetation is growing at the meadow that will soon become invisible so I need to makethe most of the photo opportunities now.

Today’s visitors included;

Squirrel, Brown Rat , Hare , Rabbit , Blackcap , Blackbird , Chaffinch , Robin , Kestrel , Red kite , Pigeon , Pheasant , Blue tit , Great tit , Long tailed tit , Chiffchaff and Dunnock

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