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The mini woods @ the meadow

The landscaping has started at the hide , phase one is the creation of a mini wildlife woods , and when I say mini that’s exactly what it will be . There is an existing boundary of mature trees to the left of the hide, probably no more than 10 metres deep and 20 metres long, and this is the foundation of our mini woodland.

We will be adding 40 new saplings to extend this area to create our mini woodland. A mixture of blackthorn, hawthorn, alder and wild privet. A couple of log sleepers buried on their ends will form a couple of perches for our feathered friends and a small one metre square shallow pond will provide a much needed source of water for both drinking and washing.

We are also trying to recreate a woodland floor , using all the dead wood on site and relocating moss from the meadow . So often the ground feeding birds needs are overlooked , but not here in the mini woods. And the local birds have already given our efforts the thumbs up.

The new mini woodland expansion will only cover a very small area of approximately 50 square metres. The images below were taken in the new area of woodland floor that was only created today.

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