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Phase one of the new Hide has finally come to an end and the hide is now ready for use. A few little finishing touches to be made but all the doors / windows open . The internal cladding and insulation are finished and we now have light , heating and a kettle installed. Next on the list , flooring and two new chairs. The exterior has now been completely stained and is looking good. This hide is definitely going to be a comfortable place to watch and film wildlife no matter what the good old British weather throws at us.

The hide exterior is now complete .
Interior finish of the new hide.

Next on the list is the replanting of the northern fence , the new ponds and general landscape before we turn our attention to the main event , restoring the wildflower meadow to it’s former glory. Today we had another new visitor to the meadow , a hunting kestrel who hovered directly above the hide for a good five minutes, before landing in a tree directly behind the hide.

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  1. For me, best is you need to paint because stain is different process and it will not be good if you do it on shingles. You must paint it because this one is a good process for it.


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