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Kit Bag – Sigma 150-600mm Sport

Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSMS S


As a wildlife photographer at sometime or another we are all going to need a long zoom lens to fully capture that one shot , so what happens if you don’t have £ 9,000 pounds available for a 500mm L series lens, or your shooting with one body and have a limited pack size ?

One answer could be a super zoom telephoto lens. Having previously owned and regularly used the Sigma 150-500mm lens i decided to give the Sigma 150-600 sport a field test.

The lens was supplied with a sturdy carry case , external 1.4 teleconverter , lens hood and carry strap. Construction seemed solid with both the barrel and hood being made of metal , and the lens has a reassuring weight. so no problem with the build quality.

The sports designation in the name means this lens is build for speed and optimum performance. The lens has two FLD elements compared to Sigma’s other version the 150-600mm C which only has one. boasting the end image quality even if this does add extra weight making this lens nearly a kilo heavier at 2860g , but this is compensated for with the excellent image stabilization system.
In common with the Sigma C the lens has a manual override focus option and the ability to lock the lens at different focal lengths. The lens has an up market feel , a full set of weather seals are fitted giving extra protection in light rain , keeping you out on location longer. Because of the extra weight you will need some type of support from either a monopod or tripod to get the best out of this lens , but the effort is work it.


Image quality is excellent and the lens retains sharpness at the long end of it’s
range with a lot less distortions compared with the contemporary version . auto focus is sharp and fast , so overall a top performing lens with a professional build quality and great value for money.

Model                               Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSMS S
Full Frame                      Yes
APS-C                               Yes
Focal length.                   150-600mm / 240-960mm
Autofocus                        Ultrasonic ring type
Filter size                         105mm
Weight                              2860g


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