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Wildlife Wednesday 6th January

Welcome to a new year , and another wildlife Wednesday or rather a “wildless Wednesday “

After a very quiet Christmas and New Year holiday , it’s back to work and that also means it’s time for my first Wednesday off. I has so much planned,, but once again Covid has effected plans. The U.K. has now entered its third Covid lockdown which means frustratingly no visits to our recently acquired land. Also due to lack of materials the hide construction has come to a halt .

So on a grey damp winters day it’s the perfect time to think and plan , and set some goals for the year.. In the midst of another lockdown I feel it’s important to look forward to a more positive future , so here are a few reasons to be cheerful……

On a personal level the meadow is obviously going to a major focus this year. We need to install the hide and start the replanting of the northern hedge. Then there are the two ponds to dig., and associated landscaping.. The trail camera has picked up a lot of visitors , Roe deer, Muntjac deer , Fox , Squirrel, Rabbit , Rats and at last the elusive Badger. Add in the bird life which include Robins , Redwings , Blackbirds and Buzzards.

Wildlife seems to have not only flourished last year with the various lockdowns , it’s also become more and more important , with many more of us reconnecting with our local green spaces , animals and birds. We are still destroying habitat at an alarming rate all around the world but there are encouraging signs of small changes , and continued focus on finding a better way of using earth’s resources. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and 2021 has started in a similar fashion but there is hope , maybe we’re at the beginning of the end of Covid.

Maybe then the focus and drive , investment of time and money used to combat Covid can then be redirected to fight climate change , habitat loss and protect our even decreasing wildlife.

What are your plans for 2021 ?

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