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Here in the U.K. we are in another Covid lockdown , so for the time being there’s no wildlife photography for me. Still plenty of time for a project in the workshop. We have several regular female foxes that visit the garden and thankfully a now healthy fox population . So the plan was to build a den , that hopefully would suit one of our foxes and maybe, just maybe we might get to watch some Cubs next spring ……. a long shot I know but ?

All finished and ready to go into the garden

The garden is quiet , very quiet and I know just the spot so away we go. The den has an entrance and an inner chamber which is raised off the floor . Just over a metre long and 600mm wide most of the structure will be hidden under a couple of conifer trees , so the fox hotel will be quiet , warm and thanks to the slate roof dry. Fingers crossed we get a foxy lodger !

The Fox Hotel , open and ready for business

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