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Last night we released Mr Angry the rescue hedgehog into an enclosed area of our garden , a sort of half way house to total freedom. Unfortunately the release hasn’t gone to plan. At first all way ok , Angry left his house at about 8.30pm and started to explore the garden. I think hyperactive would be the phrase , up and down the garden , round and round. However he found the feeding station , had a bit of supper and carried on exploring.

The bad news , he was still running up and down the garden at 9.30 this morning and when we went out to investigate it became obvious there was a problem. So it seems he’s not Angry , but unfortunately he may have a sight problem. We have only had him here for a day but it’s still devastating to see an animal in distress. He is now back at the rescue centre waiting for a vet to give him an examination. Fingers crossed!

Angry in the garden this morning

Here’s the full story

A big day ahead for Mr Angry , a rescue hedgehog who has spent the past few months being cared for and nursed back to health by one of our local animal rescue charities.

Today Angry will have his first taste of freedom, well almost . We will release him into an enclosed area of our garden , a kind of half way house. The plan is to then set him fully free Saturday night.

Pictures to follow , provided the rain stops !

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