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We have an update from the rescue centre where are two foxes Bob and Smelly are in rehab having treatment for a mange infection. Its a mix of good news and not so good news unfortunately.

Bob Fox

Bob is doing well , treatment is going to plan and he should be ready to release back into the wild in the next few weeks. He has learnt a new trick however. It seems he likes to sleep with the light on. The rescue centre turns the light off in his enclosure , he jumps at the switch until the light comes back on.

Smelly Fox

Smelly was doing really well , until he learnt a new trick. Not a light this time , but Smelly has learnt how to open cage doors. two nights ago he escaped from his enclosure into the treatment room , where he caused chaos. Finally he was caught and moved to secure accommodation. Unfortunately last night he escaped from the secure accommodation and then spent the afternoon terrorising the resident rescued duck population on site. He is still near the centre , has been feed but so far has escaped recapture.

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