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Monday 7th September 2020

A quick visit to the hide today , with a little bit of construction , widening the screen and to check on the seed left on the stump. It doesn’t look like any of the bait has been touched . No surprise here , I fully expected it to take. A couple of weeks for the birds to get accustomed to the feed.

No photos today but definitely more activity in the area. I could see blue tits and great tits flying overhead between trees plus the distinctive call of a wood pigeon. So here’s hoping the next few weeks might yield some results.

Sunday 6th September 2020

It’s the first day on site , deep in the woods at my new temporary home or rather what will be my new hide. Today really was just a opportunity to bait the tree stump with a few seeds and nuts. I have constructed a very basic screen between two small trees . In reality it’s just a pile of dead wood but hopefully it creates enough cover to hide behind . No luxury here , it’s definitely back to basics with zero protection from the elements .

I have fired off a few test shots with my iPhone, background looks good and the stump was dappled with just enough sunlight. Distance from the hide ( collection of branches and twigs ) just about right. In fact it’s all good. I will continue to bait the stump with seed every couple of days for the next week or so and then the fun begins.

And the stump has already welcomed its first visitor , a rather plump looking Robin . Not the best quality image , but we all have to start somewhere . More updates to follow soon .



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