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If you have been following the blog you will know that we have a new young male fox visiting the garden. He’s not in great shape , another local fox with mange. Yesterday we feed him medically laced chicken from a first floor window.

Today whilst getting dressed I noticed the youngster in our next door neighbours back garden and decided to act. Myself , Anne my wife and our neighbour Bob managed to corner the fox behind Bob’s shed. No escape this time. A quick phone call to our local animal rescue centre and an hour later , Bob the fox was in a cage , safe and on his way back to the centre to start his treatment and hopefully make a full recovery.

It was only after the event we realised the significance of the date. Almost exactly a year from the day we finally caught GG. That’s keep our fingers crossed we have a happier outcome this time !

Click here for more information on the fox

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  1. Dear him. He must have been very scared, but he’ll be healthy again. Well done! I hope animal control will let you take some “after” pictures of him before he’s released in the wilderness again.

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