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Jeni Bell’s Wild Britain – Totton’s wild suburbia

Totton’s Wild Suburbia

words and picture by Jeni Bell

The continued adventures Of Jeni , Bill and Millie……..

Wedged in between Southampton and the New Forest is the little suburban village of Totton. It’s more of a place you drive through than a destination location and aside from a handful of estate agencies and pharmacies there’s not much to it.

And upon first inspection it doesn’t appear to be the wildest of locations. Granted there are some fantastic local nature reserves (managed by Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust) but the inner workings and the rabbit warrens of council estates may not be somewhere you think when you’re looking for your wild fix.

But – if you look a little closer you might be surprised.

The network of houses and gardens actually make this an excellent series of highways for suburban wildlife to travel along and make its home here.

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