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Wednesday 19th August 2020 is officially World Photography Day A day to celebrate the diverse world of photography.

Now this has got me thinking. What does photography mean to me ?

I think the answer is quite complex.

I love the technical challenge of trying to master my camera ( and very often failing ) and it’s settings.

Field craft , again i’m still learning , do we ever stop learning ? I hope not.

And then , my preferred subject , wildlife. A world without wildlife is unthinkable’ that’s hope mankind wakes up to the damage we are causing to the natural world before it’s to late.

However , I guess my real answer is a combination of all of the above , plus the peace and quiet out in the field ( or woods ) and the sense of achievement when you finally nail that shot.

So what does photography mean to you ?

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  1. Capturing a moment, a memory, so we can revisit it like a flashback. Where people haven’t changed and has been trapped perpetually in that particular moment itself. :’)


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