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Finally , back into the swing of things , Wildlife Wednesday is back and today’s location is. my favourite local spot Mouldon Hill Country Park. No full frame camera and large lenses today , the knee is still on the mend so instead it’s my point and shoot and a small drone.


The park is quiet today , very quiet. Maybe it’s the hot weather , today my car thermometer was reading 35c. Anyway it’s great to be back out and about and reconnecting with nature.

Whilst walking around the lake , I had a quick chat with a fisherman . In many ways Angling and Wildlife photography are very similar. To be a good angler you need to know your subject. Local knowledge is key , picking the perfect spot to cast your line. Time , keeping still and quiet. And of course the equipment which can soon set you back more than an average car. Most anglers are also keen naturalist, today’s brief conversation included details of the local Mouldon Kingfisher. The angler assured me the bird had flown over the lake that morning. Any way after a brief chat we parted company and I continued on my walk.

Then I was stopped by a dog walker. He asked me what I was looking for , and I replied that any wildlife would do . He then told me not to bother . He had been walking his dog here for years and only ever seen ducks. I tried to explain that thee area was teeming with wildlife and perhaps his dog was the reason he hadn’t seen anything . He just chuckled and went on his way.

So for the benefit of Mr Dog Walker , here are a few shots of wildlife , all taken at Mouldon Hill …….

Who you looking at ?

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  1. Such impressive snaps, truly only those who have the yearning and patience to seek out wildlife can actually be able to catch their glimpse before they disappear into the distance again! 🤩


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