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We are lucky to have several foxes visit our garden every night. And there’s nothing they like more than a nice fresh egg. Here’s a few pictures taken on my drive.





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      • Tell me more. Why do you do that? Do they eat it all, shell included? I know the pictures are cute, but is it OK to feed wildlife?


      • Hi Jo ,
        Ok regarding the eggs , they are raw uncooked eggs. The fox wil pick up the egg and run away with it. They don’t eat the shell , but will eat the yolk and whites. This is part of a foxes natural diet. They will often raid ground nesting bird sites for eggs in the wild.

        As to the feeding of wildlife , a little bit more complicated. In general I’m not in favour of feeding or batting wildlife with food. It changes their behaviour. I’m also not keen on humanising animals . Wild should be wild. But the simple fact is in the U.K. urban foxes get 60 % of their food source from households who deliberately leave out food. We try and limit contact with the foxes. We have six or seven regular foxy visitors and this fox is the only one who will approach me . All the others run away as son as they see me.

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