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Glorious blue sky’s and a lovely warm summer’s day . The perfect backdrop to possibly the last Wildlife Wednesday from my temporary lockdown hide. My exile from reality will come to an end next week , It’s back to the office and the 9 to 5 fo me from the 1st July. This also means that twelve weeks of isolation is over , and a slow return to nearly normal life can start , including the ability to widen my wildlife horizons once more .

Twelve weeks is a long time , normal life , work , travel , social life all curtailed . Like so many others a camera , garden and the visiting wildlife has been a real saviour. It’s always been an important part of my life however the last few weeks have really reinforced just how much I need that connection with the natural world that’s all around us. The natural world isn’t just a resource for us to use and abuse it’s also a vital resource to escape into, to recharge the mind body and soul.

Anyway time to get off the soapbox and back to the wildlife , and a brief roll call on this warm sunny summers day. The mammals are represented by a couple of Grey Squirrels , a Fox and Bud the Hedgehog. Feathered visitors , in no particular order , Starlings, Blackbird , Collared Dove , Wood Pigeon and Blue tit. The temperature has had an effect on visitor numbers, even Bud has made an appearance in the door of the Hibernation Arms.

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  1. What is the best camera and lens for taking wild life pictures especially flight or distance, I am I’ll with terminal cancer so it would not be fair to by new as my wife would not have any idea how to use it when I’m gone.


    • Hello

      I use a Canon 5ds and sigma sports 150/600. I think any of the canon bodies would suit , and any lens 400mm and above. I also use a bridging camera and these start from a few hundred pounds.


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