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May has been a busy old month here , despite the lockdown. Wildlife Wednesday has been a welcome distraction and has turned up a few surprises, the commute has been pretty good and the hide has possibly the best facilities in the world ( ok I know I need to get out more ) Alex White continues on a similar theme with his very own local patch , again a garden. The squirrels have had a busy month , especially with the new nut suspension bridge and the picnic bench. There’s been new meet the models , the wood pigeon, collared dove and stoat and a couple of re models with kingfishers and buzzards making a welcome return.

One returning theme however has not been so warmly welcomed. Paws the fox , not her but the very bad condition she’s suffering with , another bad case of mange and a reminder of the struggles with GG last year. Fingers crossed we have a better outcome this time around.

We hope you have enjoyed the blog , it’s always good to read the messages of support. Stay safe and well .


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