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If you have been following this blog for sometime , you might remember the story of GG the fox. One of our regular garden visitors who developed a very bad case of mange. After going to great lengths to capture GG ( over a month ) an epic battle of wills over some six hours with neighbours and an RSPCA office developed. GG was captured and taken to a local rescue charity. Sadly it was to late , he died six days later.

We now have another badly infected young fox , we have named Paws , have a look at the video, so here we go again , the food he is eating contains tablets that should help him recover . So all we can do for the moment is keep our paws crossed…..

This video doesn’t exist

Here is the original blog from July last year…………

Fox in  Need

by Peter Hanscomb

GG the young fox needs help. GG has been spotted in our back garden for the past few nights on our cctv and the young chap has a really bad case of Sarcoptic mange , sarcoptes scabeii also called fox mange the single most common infection in British foxes. ( more information )

IMG_3069If untreated GG’s prospects aren’t good , typically most foxes will die within 2-3 months , and it’s a slow painful end.  After a lot of phone calls today , my wife Anne has managed to borrow and Fox trap. So the plan is to set up the trap in the back garden ,baited with a tasty lump of chicken and wait , hopefully trap GG and then off to the vets. If we can catch GG in time , there is a really good chance of a full recovery , only time will tell ?

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