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words and pictures by Peter Hanscomb


Well it’s a welcome return to Wildlife Wednesday, or at least the new social distancing version , from my new temporary hide in the lounge. As hides go , what this one lacks in terms of photographic opportunities it more than makes up for in creature comforts.


It boasts a custom made camouflage screen , comfy inflatable bed , power , music via headphones , toilet and most importantly a fully stocked fridge ! The other advantage is all my camera equipment is just next door , so no need to worry about forgetting any kit.

So I settled in for a days wildlife watching , five hours and the only visitor , a pair of pigeons…..


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  1. Birding in comfort, you lucky so-and-so! A fridge in the hide, whatever next. Nice shots of the woodpigeon, which is a good looking bird that gets sadly gets a bad press. We have a couple who visit most days … he’s obviously feeling randy, but she’s not interested.


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