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Wildlife , Culture

words and picture by Jeni Bell

The continued adventures Of Jeni , Bill and Millie……..

I talk a lot in my blogs about how wildlife is all around us, even in the most unexpected of places, from built up areas and everything in between. I bang on about it quite a lot actually, and I’m always having wild encounters where ever our travels take us, I’ve even written blogs on how to increase your chance of spotting wildlife.

I truly believe that nature is there to connect with. It’s something that I strive to do on a daily basis, not just because it’s something I enjoy and am passionate about but because it helps me. On days when I’m feeling low and getting out of bed is difficult because my limbs are lead weights, or on days when I’ve spent far too long staring at a screen, my fingers monotonously hitting keys or scrolling through social media, reconnecting with nature helps me break downward spirals and lift my mood.

I recently wrote a guest blog for ‘Nature for Well Being’ which really called for me to look at how nature is instrumental in getting me through the daily struggles. It helped me to value my connection to it and I wanted to share with you some of the ways in which I seek out a connection:
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