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By Peter Hanscomb


9DB604DF-2CB1-4939-A27B-B75E9DC36262This has to be one of my favourite images taken in my garden of a grey Squirrel eating nuts and gently rocking back and forth on his swing in the apple tree. Maybe not the best  technical photograph but just a little bit of fun. This was taken way back in 2017 when the swing was new and unfortunately time and the weather has taken it’s toll on the swing , I think the term is , seen better days .


So as I find myself at home , confined by the Corona 19 virus and with plenty of time on my hands it’s off to the workshop , and time to see if th swing can be saved from the recycling box. First inspection and it doesn’t look good , lots of green growth and a little bit of rot but it’s not a lost cause.


Four hours worth of sanding and cleaning in the workshop and the swing looks like it might live to swing again. Three coats of wood stain and four length of new rope later and hey presto the old swing is back in the apple tree , waiting fo it’s first test . And we didn’t have to wait long………..


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