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Well what a month , as the world goes into lockdown to counter the spread of Covid 19 our own back yard wildlife has become all the more important. March didn’t disappoint , with loads of garden activity.

C03B723E-45D6-4144-ACDE-6E143C161D6DWe now have hogs everywhere , one hedgehog became two, just in time for the opening of the Hibernation Arms ( just as all the human bars / pubs closed their doors ) Our two hogs were soon joined by new arrivals Bud and Stella , two rescue hedgehogs who tasted freedom for the first time . Speaking of the Hibernation Arms , the pub was burgled by a prickly looking thief, and also hired its first manager. And that wasn’t the only theft in the garden with the Fox in a box.……

A797C61B-F608-4DC3-A3E8-6DBA7C404CE3The Photography Show was an early casualty of the Corona virus postponed until September along with a much anticipated day out with Bob Brind-Surch. Alex is back , confined to home with his series of blogs about garden wildlife , a theme definitely developing here and now a winner of mammal photographer of the year , a big well done Alex.

This video doesn’t exist

There was some good news from the government with the announcement that the badger cullwas to end and about time to. We meet Pippa the Pine Martin , George the Great Tit . We were attacked by Pigeons and found a fox , listening to voices in his head !


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