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By Peter Hanscomb


Yesterday I received notification from my local doctors surgery that along with 1.5 million others in the U.K. I would be asked to stay at home for three months in isolation due to the expanding threat of Covid 19. I’m definitely not going to complain, people all over the world are suffering, all I have to do is not leave my house for 120 days , and limit contact with my family to a minimum, for example separate rooms where possible !

Anyway , the silver lining is , at least I have a camera, temporary hide in the dining room and a garden with both feathered and foxy visitors , plus our four resident hedgehogs. So this is day one of operation film the garden. Only another 119 days to go.

This video doesn’t exist

The garden has three cameras permanently filming 24 hours a day. Two Nest cctv cameras both positioned 600mm above ground level and one mobile trail camera. So the action is non stop. Add into the mix the hide in the dining room and I think I have got most of the garden covered…..And today started early in the morning with both fox and hedgehogs visiting the pool in the Hibernation Arms beer garden.

Stay safe, stay well


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  1. Take care over there. Good luck.
    I do hope that some good comes out of all this and that our self isolation gives us all, as a species, time to reflect on what’s really important…our health and the health of our planet, and not just the health of the economy. I do hope that we don’t simply go back to business as usual.
    Stay safe and i look forward to reading about the wildlife in your garden.

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