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Wildlife Sunday

Lower Moor Farm

8F7AC7E0-70CC-43A0-8659-141E810ADA2FSunday 1st March

Overcast and Windy

Temperature 6c

Here we go then , a new month and finally a break in the weather so it’s off to an old favourite, the newly reopened Lower Moor Farm nature reserve, complete with a new parking area.


The whole site seems very quiet. I’m the only one here and have the hide all to myself. We have had a lot of rain recently so all the paths have turned into mud baths and the lakes look full to capacity. Absolutely no activity on the water apart from one solitary Moorhen so I turn my attention to the hides side window with the woodland view.


At first there’s not much action , maybe the strong winds are having an effect on the local wildlife , however a few regular visitors start to show up.


First it’s the tits, Blue tit , Great tit , Robin and a Magpie. Then an unexpected bonus , a Tree Creeper and Bullfinch. There are a couple of Dunnocks hopping through the brambles and a first for me at this hide, a pair of Long-tailed Tits. A late appearance on the water from a pair of swans and a male Mallard nearly completed the lineup for the day.


Just time for today’s star act , another first for me , a Weasel. Totally unexpected and a real bonus.

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