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1C2AFAB4-F9FE-47CC-8071-3B82B73F3646Once again another month draws to a close , almost time to say goodbye to February and it’s leap day. It’s been another busy month here , new Meet the Models with the Greylag Goose , Shelduck , Coot and Moorhen giving the blog a waterlogged feel , just like most of the U.K. Returning favourites included Ray the Red Squirrel , Barny the Barn Owl and Malcolm the Mallard.

Speaking of Barn Owls , Alex was off looking for their pellets as 545E940E-5446-49BB-BCF6-F1B4949A44E2well as spending an afternoon rescuing local Badgers. Alex also recapped on a year of climate strikes . Alex also reviewed the Big Garden Bird Watch , with some amazing results. The return of Tingle tongue came as a bit of a surprise, another foxy bit of vandalism by a visiting fox.

B3686858-E820-4262-BA34-1A75E8091090Myself and my wife spent a very wet and woolly few nights in deepest darkest Wales where we had an encounter with a woodpecker as well as a few lost sheep and a sheepdog. Peace and quiet , with a lot of feathered visitors , plus a few non feathered guest appearances.


Our resident hedgehog returned , and bizarrely purchased a pub ( no I haven’t been drinking ) and I also had a close encounter with an old friend…..Flossy the Fox.

Last on the list of this quick roundup is our new look site. As ever , we are always interested in your views.

Review the whole month here

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