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What a day !

Wednesday the 12th February, what a wildlife tip top day.

I had plans for today, no office , wife away with work so the whole day free and another wildlife Wednesday on the cards , together with a few extra hours in bed which would have been a rare luxury. But the best made plans don’t always turn out how you would have imagined .

Firstly , the wife who was up early to travel to work noticed something strange , but still familiar on the cctv. The return to the garden of a hedgehog after an absence of nearly 5 months. She was so excited she woke me up at 4.30 am ! ( to be honest it was probably the best early alarm call for a while )

This video doesn’t exist

Then once the wife had left for work and the sun had finally decided to turn up I had a little hunt  around the garden and hey presto , the first Hog house that I checked had a really sleepy and snoring hedgehog inside. ( I left the Hog to its slumber )

Right as I’m up I might as well get out with the camera , where to go , well a return trip to WWT Slimbridge, and it proved to be a really productive few hours out wth a few good images taken.

Back home and before the wife returns from work a quick walk to the local shop to buy some bread and on the way I had another encounter, this time with Flossy the fox. Once again another visitor to our garden that I haven’t seen since last September. It was definitely Floss, she didn’t run away and actually jumped the brook to get a better look at me .

A real top day of wildlife treats…..


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