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Hedgehog buys a Pub


Hedgehogs, as well as being pretty cute, are important for our gardens. But they are at risk, particularly in urban areas, due to a loss of habitat, dangerous roads and pesticides. So brewery Camden Hells is trying to help – by creating very cute miniature pubs. Your idea of hibernation might also be to go down the pub, sit in front of the fire and enjoy a few pints with friends and hedgehogs also just want somewhere safe, cosy and sheltered. The Hibernation Arms huts can be placed in your garden for your spiky friends to enjoy.

The huts cost £50.00 but all proceeds go to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. If you don’t want one of the huts, you can pick up a pack of the lager and a donation will be made to BHPS. Hells in Hibernation Lager is the latest addition to the Seasonal Hells range – a fresh, crisp and unfiltered beer, it is brewed with Chinook and Apollo hops for a piney aroma and citrus bitterness.


Click here for the link to the Camden Town brewery site for more details on how to order. 



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