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Seeking Wild Sights

Seeking Wild Sights – Lepe Country Park

by Jeni Bell

There are few things that a walk along the beach can’t make better. So after a few days of being bed-ridden with some nasty little virus thing it felt right to have a little stroll in the sea air; clear the lungs, blow the cobwebs away – that sort of thing.

Luckily, being situated on the south coast means that I’m never far from the sea, so its always easy for me to find somewhere to walk. A short drive and I’m with the sea gulls (typically black-headed and herring for those gull pedants out there) and the Solent with the Isle of Wight almost close enough to skim a pebble to.

Lepe Beach and the Country Park it sits on is not a quiet destination. It bustles with families, walkers, dogs, people out for a picnic, kite surfers, wind surfers and the like. With a big car park, play areas, a nature reserve with a hide and a big, glass windowed café with coffee and oceanic views, it’s easy to see why it draws such a crowd.

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