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Do you want a challenge for 2020 ? How about spotting 200 different birds this year. Head over to Bird watching magazine or click here for more details……….

So far this year I think for me it’s personally around 30 birds., and were nearly at the end of January so 200 is going to push me to the limit , but I’m going to give it a go so here are the first list of birds , ticked off the list……….

Blue Tit , Great Tit , Long-tailed Tit , Robin , Blackbird , Song  Thrush , Collard Dove , Coot , Moor Hen , Mallard , Heron , Magpie , Dunnock , Chaffinch , Bullfinch , Wren , Buzzard , Nuthatch , Goldfinch , Wood Pigeon , House Sparrow , Mute Swan and Green Woodpecker.

Right , a quick bit of adding up and the totals actually 23. Not a bad effort so far and only 177 birds to go !

As usual updates will follow. Happy hunting,


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