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by Alex White

Today saw well over 1500 people walking around Colne Valley and Denham with Chris Packham and campaign organisers of STOP HS2.

Colne Valley and Denham are two of many areas that are being affected by the construction of HS2, the planned high speed railway between the city centres of London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds. This 345 miles of track will cut through irreplaceable ancient woodlands and destroy many wildlife sites including 10 Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

Many species such as badgers, water vole, otters, bats, hedgehogs, freshwater crayfish, stag beetle, smooth newt, great crested newt, common frog, slow-worm, common lizard, rare butterflies and breeding birds will be affected. As well as thousands upon thousands of mature trees.

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© Alex White 2019

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