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Sunday 29th December

IKEA Sunday

words and images by Peter Hanscomb

It’s the last Sunday of 2019 , and a big decision, where should I spend my last day out and about with the camera in 2019 ?

Lower Moor Farm , Mouldon Hill or maybe Langford Lakes are all possibilities , well the answer turns out to be the IKEA car park in Reading. You see my wife had been exchanging messages via Facebook with Rachel from Maidenhead about a tiny Hedgehog she found in her garden. All the local rescue centres seemed to be full and unable to offer help and it was obviously this little Hog would not survive the winter in the wild.


Our local centre agreed to help so this morning we set off for a 80 mile round trip to rendezvous and collect the little one from Reading. It turns out , the Hog is a little girl , 249g so way under weight to hibernate and very dehydrated. Anyway she is now in safe hands. Hopefully we will be able to update with her progress next year….


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