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Winners and losers

In life there are all way winners, and sadly losers . Over the past few months , this has been true , especially for our local wildlife.

For the best part of  nearly two years we have had hedgehogs visit our garden on a nightly basis. We released Grumpy and Tiny Tina into the garden in early May and during the summer we would regularly have four plus hedgehogs visiting the Hog cafe every night. We lost two , both killed on local roads. Sadly we haven’t seen a Hog for nearly a month. I can only assume the others hedgehogs have suffered a similar fate.

On the plus side , tonight , for the first time in a month I have been in the front garden with Flossy. She doesn’t just look well , she looks resplendent in her winter coat. So good to know she’s doing well without her brother. She’s now a proper young lady.


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