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Autumn Thrushes

Autumn Thrushes

by Alex White

While stood at the window watching the Great tits and Sparrows squabbling over the bird feeders and the Jackdaws swinging acrobatically upside down trying to peck away at the fat balls, I noticed high in the sky an unruly flock of birds passing over head.

Within an instant, almost as a second thought, they did a u-turn and swopped down, landing in the Hawthorn hedge across the road.

The first of this years Redwings have arrived on my local patch.

They picked at a few berries, making their ‘seep’ sound, but as a passing car rushed by, they took to the air and disappeared down the road.

Over the next few weeks hundreds more will appear, until the whole of the hedgerows on the road leading out of the village will be alive with Redwings, Fieldfares and Blackbirds which rise in clouds in to the sky with each passing car.

Until the berries are gone when they may venture into the garden after fallen apples.

Read the full story here

© Alex White 2019

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