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Sunday 27thOctober


Sunday  27th October 

by Peter Hanscomb

Yesterday , Saturday and it rained all day. So when I opened the curtains this morning to a sunny clear blue sky Sunday morning , I decided to grab the camera and head out to my favourite local spot for a bit of wildlife snapping.

Yes the car windscreen was frozen , but the actual temperature was a rather warm 10c, a real bonus.

After the short drive I headed to a great little spot , set the camera up and waited. Normally the spot chosen is a great place to see hares doing their early morning thing , but today was another no show on the hare front. However there was still plenty to see.

728435BE-115B-4ACA-97C6-2D200E75BAF9A very brief appearance from a muntjac deer , several grey squirrels dancing and running around and all the usual birds , Blackbird , Crows , Pigeons and Magpies. Oh and one not on the normal list of visiting birds , a pair of Wood Peckers. Now this made the early morning worth while. It’s the first time I have seen Wood Peckers at this location and it was a real treat.

Then just to add a little more colour, a pair of pheasants, chasing each other around the field. So no hares , plenty of early morning fresh air and a couple of surprises. As per one of my earlier blogs , wildlife photography isn’t very glamorous, but on a morning like this , it’s pretty hard to beat.


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