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Wildlife photography, glamorous?

Wildlife Photography , glamorous ?

So here I am , first day out of the office since returning from Canada last weekend and I’m sat in a waterlogged field on a cold misty Sunday morning.

This is one of my favourite local spots to watch and hopefully photography hares but so far the little critters are a no show.  Perhaps they have found somewhere to watch the rugby World Cup ?

Anyway , whilst sat in the cold and damp ( for the last three hours I might add ) my thoughts turned to a conversation I had in Canada with a stranger. We meet at a grizzly bear refugee ( my wife was there as a volunteer ranger for the day )

We started to talk about cameras and my wife mentioned the blog , and that I was indeed a wildlife photography ( ok I use the term wildlife photographer very loosely)

That’s lovely came the reply , how glamorous……….. if only she could see me now !

ps here’s a hare from the same spot I’m now sat at , from a month or so ago. Just to prove they exist…..,.


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